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Carp Fishing Set Up 2x Rods, 2x Baitrunners

Carp Fishing Set Up 2x Rods, 2x Baitrunners


Carp Fishing Set Up 2x Rods, 2x Baitrunner Reels,
Rod Pod, 2x Alarms & Batteries

Rod Pod: Carp Multi Rod Pod with Case/Bag, Light, yet incredibly stable rod pod, Easy to set up. Adjustable legs - providing a stable support whatever the ground. 2 buzzer bars. rod holders - 3 x Swingers. Transport length: 80 cm.

Rod x 2: 2 Piece 12ft Carp Rods. Carp Hunter 2.75lb test curve. Screw Winch Reel Seat with Lacquered Hoods. Slim Soft Touch EVA Comfort Foam Grips. Stainless Ring Handle Trim. Shock Absorbing Rubber Butt Cap. Lined guides.With Cloth Rod BAG

Reels x 2: Baitrunner/Freerunner Reels x 2, Great performing reel, Free-running reel mechanism. High tensile graphite body. Smooth, durable drag system. Interchangeable handle. One way clutch / anti-reverse. Gear ratio 5.1:1. Precision machined brass pinion.

Bite Alarms x 2: Carp Fishing Bite Alarms x 2: Volume control, shockproof casing protects the internal working components from the wind and rain, two L.E.D.s, Piezo loudspeakers and a metal thread and lock wheel, for fitting to most bank sticks. 

All items are brand new.

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