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11ft Avon Style Twin Tip Barbel Rod

11ft Avon Style Twin Tip Barbel Rod


OAKWOOD Barbell/Quiver Rod. Two top sections, one is a standard Avon top, the other a quiver tip section which is supplied with a choice of two different push in tips of varying test curves to cover whatever situation you may encounter.

With lined rings throughout and a test curve of 1.75lb, the rod will cope with hook links down to 1lb and reel lines up to 10lb. The possibilities are endless....When using this rod, its suitable for fishing down the margins with a float, or up in the water with a pellet waggler. With a quick change of the top section, you can be fishing the method or the ‘tea bag’ (PVA) within a matter of minutes! The rod also copes effortlessly with moving water, if you are targeting Chub, Barbel or Roach, casting maggot or groundbait feeders. At this amazing price it makes sense to always have one ready in your holdall as it will cope with all fish and conditions you may encounter.
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